drew pickles. (deathuponarival) wrote in filmer,
drew pickles.

uhh yeah noone writes in here. me and my friends just finished our video. i donno how to show it though. ummm there should be a rule that people cant be in this community if they have other people edit their stuff. i hate it more than anything when i'm looking through skateperception and i find videos of kids that have their stuff done by some company..soooooooooo annoying. umm yeah. people should post in here...post links to good promos in skateperception or soooooomething. post cool shit you find on the internet. bye now.

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I've never heard of a company editing film
ummm..i dont really know specifically. i just know you can give your footage to a company and be like "here, edit a skateboard video for us" and they'll do it...or something along those lines. like on skateperception the ones that have some website advertising through the whole thing in clear letters. i could just be retarded and it could be the host of the video. but other than that i've still heard of it being done.
where on perception is this?
im on perception and i dont see that shit haha.
i think you mean the sorenson squeeze trial. which is just a compression program that has gay titles on your film.
haha. okay okay. well there's just these kids around my parts that are doing something along the lines of having someone else edit their shit and i just think it's totally gay.