Roberto (defexilated) wrote in filmer,

is anybody interested in buying my camera set up? it includes:

-a sony dcr-trv 18 mini dv camera.
-all the accessories that it comes with(battery, strap, all the documents. i have the box itself)
-a sony NP-QM71 lithium battery with LED display. it has up to 590 minutes of life every charge.
-century optics mark II .3x 37mm ultra fisheye with a step up ring(30mm-37mm)
-2 bags, 1 lowepro bag (the name of the model is the digital res. 40 aw) for the camera itself and a tamrac bag (model name is MX5375 M.A.S.) for the lens.

everything is in very good condition. the camera itself is perfect, no flaws. the camera has some scratches but its not like i've dropped it or something. so is the lens.

i'm not sure about how much i'm going to sell it for but if you want to talk to me about it we can work things out. if you know people who are looking to buy a camera please tell them about this.

if you want to see pictures of the camera and the lens my screen name is creeprocksteady. IM me if you want.

thanks alot.
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